Banreservas develops multiple business and culture agenda

The general administrator of Banco de Reservas affirmed that this financial institution will play a determining role in the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) inaugurated yesterday, to attract new investment opportunities that will continue to develop tourism as the main source of foreign exchange and generator of employment in the country.

Samuel Pereyra made the statement during a tour of the Ifema facilities, where the international fair was inaugurated on Wednesday in the presence of King Felipe VI, Queen Leticia and President Luis Abinader.

“We are developing an intense business agenda with executives from various sectors linked to tourism, who are interested in starting new hotel projects in the Dominican Republic, for which we will provide the necessary financing facilities,” said Pereyra.

He added that together with the business agenda, the Banco de Reservas is carrying out a broad program of cultural activities, aimed at highlighting the qualities of the Dominican Republic as a destination with multiple options for investors and visitors.

He cited as an example that the financial institution inaugurated, together with the Dominican embassy, a mural representative of the Dominican Republic which will remain for two years in the Santo Domingo station of the Madrid Metro.

Today, Thursday 20, also in collaboration with the diplomatic headquarters, the emblematic Plaza de Cibeles will be illuminated with the colors of the Dominican flag; and in the evening Banreservas will celebrate its traditional cocktail party at Fitur, with the attendance of investors, tour operators and Spanish businessmen linked to the broad tourism value chain.

“We have wanted on this occasion to reflect the cultural advances of our nation, through exhibitions and other activities that reveal our identity and idiosyncrasy, but at the same time to arrange business alliances with other sectors interested in investing in the Dominican Republic,” Pereyra said.

Mural of the Dominican Republic

The mural “Dominican Republic, Reserved for You” was created by Dominican painter Wanda Cortorreal, a resident of Santo Domingo, with the collaboration of Gerson Rodríguez, a Dominican artist based in Spain, and curated by Héctor Luis Farías Bautista, an expert in cultural tourism.

The opening ceremony of the mural was attended by the general administrator of Banreservas, the ambassador to Spain, Juan Bolívar Díaz; the administrative minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza; and the president of Metro de Madrid, David Pérez.

Pereyra, while highlighting the representativeness of the mural in terms of the essence of the Dominicans, considered it a duty to give prominence in Spain to the attractiveness and validity of the natural and cultural heritage.

Ambassador Diaz said that the mural constitutes one more step in the reaffirmation of the bonds of friendship and relations between the Dominican Republic and Spain.

He considered that the work represents the most vibrant signs of Dominican culture, among them the music, the most notable emblematic aspects of the environment, the beaches, the flora and fauna and the invitation of the great tourist destination that the country offers.

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