SeNaSa provides insurance to families of children who are part of INAIPI centers

The National Health Insurance (SeNaSa) began the process of affiliation to its Subsidized Regime, more than 40 thousand families of children who make up the service centers managed by the National Institute for Comprehensive Early Childhood Care ( INAIPI), at the national level.

The announcement was made by Dr. Santiago Hazim and Besaida Manola Santana, executive directors of SeNaSa and INAIPI, respectively, during the signing of an agreement between both institutions, held at the Rvdo. Library Auditorium. P Ramón Alonso Beato of the Universidad Católica Santo Domingo (UCSD).

Representing the families of the Comprehensive Early Childhood Care Centers (CAIPI) and Child and Family Care Centers (CAFI) that will receive the Subsidized Regime insurance in this first stage, five of them belonging to the different regions of the country received their respective insurance letters.

The event was blessed by Monsignor Ramón Benito Ángeles, who is also the rector of UCSD. The event was attended by the Vice Minister of Education Ligia Pérez, representing the Minister, Roberto Fulcar; the Director of DIDA, Carolina Serrata; the Director of the Children’s Stays of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Josefina Lorenzo and the Director of Human Resources of that House of Higher Studies, Nurys Bastardo.

Santana de Báez affirmed that the delivery of these insurances from the Subsidized Regime of SeNasa brings peace of mind to the benefited families because it guarantees them access to quality health services, a significant contribution to families in vulnerable conditions promoted by the government of President Luis Abinader .

Meanwhile, Hazim said that from SeNasa they will prioritize the attention of the families of the children who receive services in the INAIPI, since it is a priority of the government to go to the aid of needy families. He stressed “that health is not a privilege, but a fundamental right” established in the Constitution.

Responsibilities of the parties

The agreement contemplates that SeNaSa will provide technical support for the affiliation to the Subsidized Regime of children and their families, in addition to providing technological support for interoperability.

As well as prioritizing care for children and their families in health situations that require fast, timely care and specialized procedures. In addition to promoting prevention and quality health through the different health programs included in its catalog, among other important aspects.

While INAIPI undertakes to select the population targeted by the program, to manage through the suggested technological platform, applications for affiliation to the subsidized regime, accompanied by the corresponding documentation in each case.

In addition to delivering the affiliation letter to those covered by this agreement, which will be valid for one year and will be automatically renewed for the same period of time, in the event that, once the term has expired, the parties do not express disagreement to continue with the same.

The action is part of the health and social assistance policy promoted by the government of President Luis Abinader to benefit families in vulnerable conditions and provide them with medical insurance.

INAIPI has an enrollment of 205 thousand boys and girls from zero to five years old and provides support to more than 162 thousand families, inserted in 705 centers that operate throughout the national territory.

The event was also attended by Yanett Rodríguez and Rosa Yanina Torres, Deputy Directors of Institutional Management and Operational and Territorial Management of INAIPI, as well as Carmen Velázquez and Susset Matos, Affiliation and Marketing Managers of SeNasa, respectively; among other executives from the different areas that make up both institutions and special guests.

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