Date of Easter Week 2021 in the Dominican Republic

Holy Week commemorates every year the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which is why during this time there is an intense period of liturgical activity within the various Christian denominations.

The Major Week, as it is also known, begins with Palm Sunday on March 28 and ends with Resurrection Sunday on April 4, however, its celebration tends to begin in several places on the previous Friday, which would be Friday of Sorrows, besides Resurrection Sunday has been considered as part of Holy Week. Its celebration date may vary between March and April depending on the year.

Lent begins with the celebration of Ash Wednesday, it is also prior to Holy Week, which ends with Passion Week where the Eucharist is celebrated on Holy Thursday with the washing of the feet and on Good Friday the Crucifixion of Jesus is commemorated.

Holy Thursday and Good Friday, are the most important days in this time where the death of Christ is commemorated, Holy Saturday where he is buried and concludes with Resurrection Sunday. This represents one of the most important holidays in the Dominican Republic.


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