Humanitarian concert announced in Santurce for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti

Renowned local and international artists from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will join their talents in a concert called Artists United for Haiti.

Troubadour Julio Cesar Sanabria, Havish Victoria of Conjunto Quisqueya, Oscar Serrano, Barreto el Show, Urban Artist Rey Pirin, Omar Demorizi former singer of Los Hijos de Puerto Rico, the merengue group La Fogata, the Spanish Rock group Generación 8, as well as the Reggae band Agua Pa Raíces, are part of the artists who so far have lent their talent in favor of the victims of the earthquake that devastated Haiti and has caused thousands of deaths and missing persons.

In addition, the event will feature the special participation of renowned Dominican music producer and singer Roy Tabaré, composer of world famous songs in the voices of Shakira, Ricky Martin, Marco Antonio Solís, Alejandra Guzmán, among many others,

The event will take place on Sunday, October 29, at Waterland Park, a park with food trucks, inflatables and outdoor events, located in the parking lot in front of the urban train station Sagrado Corazón in Santurce stop 26, starting at 3:00 pm.

The donation to the event will be $10.00 dollars, at the entrance, which will be used for the purchase of tents, the same will be distributed through a recognized Haitian foundation on the island, also negative proof of Covid 19 will be required at the entrance, complying with the new executive order.

“We want to thank the artists who are donating their talent in favor of this initiative and we call for support, other artists, media and private enterprise to achieve together the success of this initiative, which seeks to raise funds for the purchase of tents for families who are living outdoors, under water, sun and serene in the midst of hurricane season.

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