Journalists in Dominican Republic demand support for peace in Cuba

The Dominican Union of Journalists for Peace, Inc. (UDPP), today called on the Latin American people to mobilize all their forces in support of peace in Cuba.

The organization invited those who wish to make a complaint to the government to do so through the civilized way of dialogue, with the absolute certainty that they will be heard and attended to, as has always been the case throughout more than 60 years of the Revolution.

In a communiqué to which Prensa Latina had access, the UDPP expressed that imperialism wishes to replicate the acts of violence carried out in Cuba in the 90’s of the last century when it designed terrorist attacks to hotels and tourist centers with the purpose, as now, of creating disturbances to divide the country.

But the dignity of the inhabitants of the Caribbean island is measured by their iron will to resist the ruthless attacks of the cruel and heartless empire of the United States, the message added.

The Cuban people, an exalted paradigm of gallantry, resistance and honorability, have suffered the empire’s attacks since the first days of Cuba’s birth, if not before,’ the UDPP added.

Likewise, it maintained that the U.S. government has not and will not succeed in subduing the sons and daughters of Martí’s (José Martí) homeland. The ‘protests’ in various parts of the country in the last week have sought to create the false idea that there has been a rebellion against its authorities and that the end of socialism is approaching in Cuba.

This ruse, he pointed out, badly orchestrated from the heart of exile in Miami, under the tutelage of the most despicable of the inhabitants of America, Luis Almagro and the OAS, together with a plethora of contumacious people entrenched in the U.S. government, has failed and will always fail.

He also pointed out that the government of President Miguel Díaz-Canel, together with his heroic people, Army General Raúl Castro, the infinite memory of the immortal Fidel and the support of all the Latin American people, will know how to maintain the achievements that cost so much blood and pain, due to the merciless cruelty of imperialism.

Finally, the Journalists for Peace stated that Cuba is not alone and will never be alone, all the honest men and women of the planet are crying out to be left alone.

Only Cubans must solve their difficulties within the framework of the spirit of the Great Revolution of America. Long live Cuba Libre! Down with corrupt and immoral imperialism that seeks to destroy the dignity of our brothers and sisters!

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