Minerd will provide corrective maintenance to schools that will be integrated to blended teaching

The Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, instructed to have the schools ready next May 11 when the students and the educational community of 21 municipalities that were included in the semi-presential modality return to the classrooms.

“We must make an exhaustive review of the physical condition of the schools and correct within a week any faults that may exist,” said Minister Fulcar.

He also asked them to provide each center with the biosecurity materials they need.

“All the centers must be evaluated and guarantee that there is water and soap, masks and antibacterial gel,” he said.

The official met on Sunday with the Ministerial Cabinet, Regional and District directors to discuss the conditions of the educational centers that will start classes in the new modality.

“Rigorously we need to make a before and after. We need to work to transform education from the physical structures to all the actors of the educational community. I dream of the day when we can say loudly that we do not have schools without bathrooms, without water, with leaks. That day will be a celebration throughout the Dominican Republic”, said the Minister.

He instructed to make purchases in local businesses to boost the economy of these districts.

The meeting, headed in person by Minister Roberto Fulcar, was attended by Deputy Ministers Ligia Perez of Technical and Pedagogical Services and Julio Cesar de los Santos of Decentralization and Participation, Cabinet Director Paulino Ogando and the directors of the 18 Regional Offices. The directors of the 122 Districts were present virtually.

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