SaborFusion Dominican Republic SaborFusion Congress to be presented in Spain

The presentation of the SaborFusion Dominican Republic Congress will take place on September 18 at the Westin Palace Hotel in Plaza de las Cortes 7 in Madrid.

The event will recognize the professional career of Maribel Pichardo, director of the Escuela Técnica Hotelera “Serranía” in the Dominican Republic, for her work and dedication during all these years. At the same time, laptop computers will be donated to the students of the culinary training center located in Jarabacoa. The event will also include the presentation of the book Vivencias & Sabores by Doña. Raquel Cabrera.

The event will have the presence and participation of members of the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy, with which the framework agreement of collaboration was reached, signed at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Madrid on June 30, 2021, headed by its president Rafael Ansón and the general director Antonella Ruggiero, as well as José Carlos de Santiago, honorary president of the Dominican Academy of Gastronomy (ADG).

Also confirming their presence at the event were the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Spain and Portugal, Don. Juan Bolivar, Her Excellency the Minister Counselor Ms. Ninotchka Torres, the Minister Delegate of the Dominican Republic Mr. Felipe Herrera, the Director of Tourism of the Dominican Republic in Spain and Portugal, Ms. Karyna Font-Bernard, Mr. Alejandro Abellán, Ambassador of Spain in the Dominican Republic 2017-2021 and honorary member of ADG, Ms. Maribel Pichardo, director of the Technical School of Hotel Management “Serranía”. It will also have the support and collaboration from afar of the Dominican Academy of Gastronomy headed by its president Don Luis Ros.

“SaborFusion Dominican Republic” will be held on February 23, 24 and 25, 2022 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for and will feature Spain as guest country. It is based on making known the gastronomic heritage of the Dominican Republic by the hand of local professionals, also with Spanish professionals to promote and disseminate the fusion of Dominican and Spanish gastronomy and tourism, as well as the most representative products and the gastronomic richness of both countries.

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