The PLATINO Ibero-American Film and Audiovisual Awards, which will be held in person the first weekend of October, will be held on the first weekend of October.

The VIII Edition of the PLATINO Awards will be decided this year among nearly 700 productions, fiction, animation and documentary feature films, as well as fiction and documentary series.

The ceremony, whose venue will be announced in the coming weeks and will take place the first weekend of October, will again be broadcast on TNT cable for Latin America, and on the main free-to-air television channels of the 23 Ibero-American countries.

The PLATINO Ibero-American Film and Audiovisual Awards are warming up with the announcement of the shortlisted films for its VIII edition, which will be held in person during the first weekend of October and whose venue will be announced in the coming weeks. In the case of Dominican cinema, the list is led by Malpaso, by Héctor Valdez, with a total of 12 nominations, followed by Cabarete, by Iván Bordás Butler, with 9 pre-selections.

This year the Ibero-American audiovisual industry has decreased by 24% with respect to the previous year, demonstrating its capacity to adapt despite the global pandemic. As a sign of the apogee of their filmographies, the number of participating productions from the 23 countries whose films and series are eligible for the PLATINO Awards has reached almost seven hundred works this year. At the end of May, the shortlist with the 20 candidates in each category will be announced, and the four finalists for each of the statuettes will be revealed at the end of June.

In this way, the PLATINO Awards will once again recognize the best of the Ibero-American audiovisual industry, which has once again demonstrated the competitiveness of the Spanish-speaking sector. Of the 21 countries with pre-candidatures for the awards in the film category, the difference in the number of films selected is minimal: Mexico leads the list with 8% of the pre-selections, closely followed by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain and Portugal, all with 7%. A similar case occurs in the nominations for series: Spain dominates the productions presented with 18%, followed by Mexico (14%), Argentina (12%) and Colombia (11%).

The productions chosen to represent the Dominican Republic, which will be among the finalists in the Best Ibero-American Fiction Film category, are Cabarete, by Iván Bordás Butler, Malpaso, by Héctor Valdez, and Papi, by Noelia Quintero Herencia. Both Bordás Butler and Valdez are nominated in the Best Director category.

Adeuri Corniel, for Cabarete, and Luis Bryan Mesa, for Malpaso, have been shortlisted in the Best Male Performance category. Lucie Debay, for Cabarete, and Avril Alcantara, for Papi, were the shortlisted Dominican performers for Best Female Performer.

The PLATINOs also recognize supporting actors and actresses for the first time in their two new categories, with Marie Michelle Bazile (Malpaso) and Hony Estrella (Papi) nominated for Best Supporting Female Performance and Félix Aquino (Atravesando el Jordán) and Ariel Díaz (Malpaso) nominated for Best Supporting Male Performance.


Fiction series productions, which began to be recognized in 2017 with the Best Ibero-American Cinematographic Miniseries or Teleseries Award, have added new categories in the PLATINO Awards. And, in its eagerness to disseminate Ibero-American audiovisual culture, the awards that recognize the best of the industry in these regions include as a novelty for its VIII edition the candidacy for Best Series Creator.

In the case of Best Screenplay, Héctor Manuel Valdez, David Maler, José Ramón Alamá, José Pastor and Ángel de la Cruz are in the running for the Malpaso script, a category for which Rita Indiana and Noelia Quintero for Papi are also eligible. There are also Dominican pre-candidates for Best Art Direction, a category that includes Cabaret and Malpaso. Malpaso and Papi are also shortlisted for Best Original Music.

Among the technical nominations, the Dominican Republic will be represented in the Best Director of Editing category, where Cabaret and Malpaso will fight for the nomination. Both films will also be nominated for the PLATINUM Award for Best Cinematography, as well as for Best Sound Direction.

Cabarete, by Iván Bordás Butler, has been nominated for the PLATINO Award for Best Ibero-American Opera Prima, which recognizes the commitment of producers to new talents in the Ibero-American industry. Finally, Malpaso, by Héctor Valdez, is the Dominican candidate for the Film and Values Education Award.


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