“Carajita”, won the best fiction feature film in Guadalajara

The Argentine-Dominican film “Carajita”, shot in Las Terrenas, on the Caribbean island that the Dominican Republic shares with Haiti, won the award for best Ibero-American fiction feature film at the Guadalajara Film Festival in Mexico on Saturday, according to the Mexican press.

“Carajita” also won awards for its directors, Silvina Schnicer and Ulises Porra, for the protagonist Magnolia Núñez and for the cinematography by Iván Gierasinchuk and Sergio Amstrong.

Screened in Argentina at the last Mar del Plata Film Festival, the film was produced by Wooden Boat Productions, headed by Ulla Prida and Alexandra Guerrero, and portrays the story of Sara (Cecile Van Welie), a teenager who lives a life of privilege in a well-off family, with her housekeeper, Yarisa (Magnolia Núñez), who have an almost mother-daughter relationship.

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