Guillermo Cordero will produce and direct “Radojka”, a comedy of intrigue with María Castillo, Aidita Selman and Miriam Bello

Producer Guillermo Cordero, one of the most active and dynamic Dominican creatives, will produce and direct the play RADOJKA, on June 24, 25 and 26 at the Ravelo Hall of the National Theater.

Guillermo Cordero, who has accustomed audiences to staging plays of the highest level and quality, produces RADOJKA, a proposal that is shaping up to be one of the theatrical events of the year and which brings together leading Dominican actresses María Castillo, Aidita Selman and the special participation of Miriam Bello.

The play RADOJKA, written by Uruguayan Fernando Schmid and Christian Ibarzábal, is a comedy of intrigue and black humor, which has become a box-office hit in Argentina and Uruguay.

In its plot, the play is a scenic representation that questions the labor precariousness of today’s society, through a series of comic and unexpected situations that generate an ethical debate on human beings and their survival.

A proposal where bad news and situations abound and become a catharsis to be able to forget the problems and laugh heartily. It tells the story of Radojka, two women, Gloria and Lucia, who come together in an unexpected event that triggers the plot of this unforgettable comedy and leads them to make a radical decision in order to survive and keep their jobs.

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