ITSC kicks off fifth Intercontinental Film Festival

The Vice Rector’s Office for Outreach and Community Outreach, together with the Student Services Department and the Arts and Culture Department of the Instituto Técnico Superior Comunitario (ITSC), opened the 5th ITSC Intercontinental Film Festival, with the participation of Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Turkey and the Dominican Republic as host country.

In his welcoming remarks, sociologist Rafael Féliz, Vice Rector for Community Outreach and Extension and productive sectors, thanked the various participating institutions and Dominican filmmakers for their important support in making the 5th Intercontinental Film Festival a reality and for allowing us to witness “the great tool that the artist has in film to express himself, the seventh art being a perfect vehicle for transmitting his values and his reflections on how he perceives the world around him.

In the same vein, Francisco Vegazo, interim rector of the ITSC, expressed his satisfaction with the great work done by the university in promoting culture and, specifically, the seventh art.

“We are making visible the important contribution of cinema in different continents and its leading role in generating positive changes in society,” said the educational authority.

Likewise, cultural manager Wendy Queliz, director of the Arts and Culture Area of the ITSC, explained that “all the films and short films selected by the different participating embassies and the Global Film Festival, have been first rate, knowing that a film is capable of arousing sensations and emotions which, many times, conditions our way of acting in daily life situations”.

Eduardo Ortiz, Director of Culture of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. (MESCyT) commented that “the greatness and complexity of the seventh art lies precisely in the fact that it is capable of uniting almost all the arts in one; having room for the beauty of the static image, together with the narrative capacity of the moving image, plus the word and music through the soundtrack”.

During the opening of the important event, which will run until the 14th of this month, the renowned Dominican filmmaker Omar de la Cruz, director of the Global Film Festival, gave a lecture on the importance of cinema in times of Covid 19, the Colombian film “El día de la cabra” was presented and the Ballet Folklorico del community college had a special participation,

Daniel Alberto Cabrales Castillo, Ambassador of Colombia to the Dominican Republic (via video), Natalia Gómez, First Secretary of the Embassy of Colombia and Rasit Gul, 3rd Secretary of the Embassy of Turkey were present as special guests.

Also present were Cristina Quintillán, representative of the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo and Víctor Reyes, cultural manager of the Ministry of Culture.

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