Jazz Vilá, Cuban actor fascinated by working in Dominican cinema

Jazz Vilá is a Cuban actor, director, producer and playwright, recognized for his performances in major feature films.

His performance as Betty, a transgender who fled Cuba after the 1959 Revolution in the film Hotel Coppelia, by José María Cabral, earned him the applause of the public.

Today, several weeks after its premiere, the actor tells EL DÍA that he is more than grateful for all the support received from the Cuban public and that it is a satisfaction for him to work in a film project in this country. He said that this work has not been the first he has done in the Dominican Republic, recalling that he was already here filming “Un rey en la Habana” (A King in Havana).

Praises DR cinema

“The work that is done in the Dominican cinema is incredible, first of all because of the help they have, the wonderful studios that exist and the human team that is super professional,” said the actor who spends most of his time producing theater.

So much so that when he started his forties he created a digital theater series that can be found on youtube.

Vilá, tells that he prepared his character of Betty with a lot of respect, managing to engage a preparation that he found after studying Dominican history and seeing everything that women of that time went through fighting for their rights.

“The story of Betty, is not a subject that touched me, it is the way in which that character touched me as a human being, I feel that each character touches an actor, and this was worked very carefully humanely,” he said.

About making films here as a director, he assures that for the moment he has only directed theater, but if someone trusts him he would dare to direct a film.

For the moment he already has several film projects in the pipeline.


Jazz Vilá began his artistic career at the age of 14 in an acting workshop at the National Theater of Cuba. A few months later he participated in the Cuban soap opera Las huérfanas.

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