premier jour d’élimination le 22 août ?

The first elimination Sunday of the Mexican show arrives this August 22. Check here how to watch it along with more information about Exatlón México 2021 and its fifth season.
The fifth season of Exatlón México 2021 EN VIVO on TV Azteca kicked off last week under the already well-known leadership of host Antonio Rosique, who this year will be directing the show from the Dominican Republic. The contestants have been going through different tests and this Sunday, August 22nd, the first elimination of this new batch of episodes will take place. Therefore, in the following article we leave you some facts about the reality competition.

What is Exlatón México 2021?
Exlatón México 2021 is a Mexican TV show in which two teams of great athletes go through different circuits of physical and mental tests to win the sum of 2 million pesos. The program was first aired in Brazil by Rede Bandeirantes in 2017 and was subsequently taken to its Mexican version produced by TV Azteca. In that country’s adaptation, it has had four seasons and is currently in its fifth, with 22 participants divided into two teams of 11, Los Guardianes (red) and Los Conquistadores (blue).

What time does the elimination day of Exlatón México 2021 begin?
Exlatón Mexico 2021 will have its first Elimination Sunday today, August 22, and you can tune in starting at 8:00 p.m. (local time). (local time).

Exatlón 2021, elimination Sunday. Photo: Twitter/Exatlón México
Exatlón 2021, elimination Sunday

What channel broadcasts Exlatón México 2021?
The Exlatón Mexico 2021 Elimination Sunday for this Sunday, August 22 will be broadcast on TV on Azteca Uno, which you can watch from their official website. However, if you are not in the Mexican country, you will have to use VPN to change your location and have access to the LIVE content.

How to watch Exlatón Mexico 2021 online for free?
If you want to enjoy Exlatón Mexico 2021 you must be in Mexico to watch it through Azteca Uno. The Mexican channel also broadcasts its LIVE ONLINE signal through its official website. However, unless you use VPN to configure your IP as if you were in Mexico, you will not be able to access the content, since the page has a country restriction.

Who are the participants of Exlatón Mexico 2021?
The participants of Exlatón México 2021 are divided into two groups: Los Guardianes and Los Conquistadores. Below is a complete list of all the members.

Guardians Team
Nataly Gutierrez
Daniel Vargas
Jahir Ocampo
Briseida Acosta
Alan Mendoza
Maria Marcela Perez
Alely Hernandez
Estephanie Solis
Alex Alpuche
Mario Orozco
Dulce Miranda
Exatlón México – Guardianes Team. Photo: Tv Azteca
Exatlón México 2021 – Guardians Team

Team Conquistadores
Macky González
Ximena Duggan
David Juarez “The Beast
Fernando Stalla
Tanya Núñez
Yareli Arguijo
Enrique Guerrero
Osirys Escobedo
Ramiro Garza
Jonathan Garcia
Marysol Cortes
Exatlón México 2021 – Team Conquistadores. Photo: TV Azteca
Exatlón México 2021 – Team Conquistadores

How to watch Exlatón México on Azteca Uno?
Exlatón México 2021 is currently in the development of its fifth season, which premiered just a week ago. It is available exclusively on Azteca Uno. If you have access to a desktop or mobile device and you are within the Mexican country, you can watch the episodes on Azteca Uno’s LIVE signal through its website (otherwise you will only have access with a VPN program).

If you want to watch it on TV, you can do it from the following channels:

Canal Signal
Sky Canal 101 (SD), Canal 115, Canal 123, Canal 1101 (HD), Canal 1159 (HD)
Dish Channel 101 (SD), Channel 601 (HD)
Star TV Channel 101 (SD)

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