Ronni Castillo produces 100% Dominican films in France

He recently finished filming the biopic on tennis player Victor Estrella Burgos, starring Yasser Michelén, Hemky Madera, Jalsen Santana, Lia Briones and Diego Vicos, and has continued to promote collaboration between the two countries with films such as “Au Revoir”, projecting Dominican cinema in international waters.

Dominican director Ronni Castillo (Quién Manda) has made France his second home for the past three years, which has opened an important door for film collaboration between the Dominican Republic, his native country, and his new home and work place.

It was in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, while shooting the film “Libélula” with Judith Rodríguez and Pepe Sierra, a film that is currently in post-production, that the renowned Dominican director was presented with the opportunity to go to this new destination, which opened a new range of possibilities not only for him as a creator, but for the beginning of what is now a constant production of Dominican films with the collaboration of French actors and producers, giving a new north to his projection and to the Creole cinema itself.

In 2021 he concluded the filming of his first film project in collaboration between the two countries with the film “Au Revoir” which featured the participation of the outstanding actor Jimmy Jean Lois, and actors of the stature of Jalsen Santana and Chrystel Saint-Louis Agustin, with the co-production of Leticia Brea and Jalsen (Less is more productions), This was a giant step forward for Ronni, who had the collaboration of the film commission of the French Brittany, specifically of the Rennes region, with the support of production houses and post-production studios in France for this Dominican film, which will soon be in theaters.

From there, doors opened for new projects such as the recent shooting in the Dominican Republic of the biopic based on the life of tennis player Victor Estrella Burgos, starring Yasser Michelen, Hemky Madera, Jalsen Santana, Lía Briones and Diego Vicos. Produced by Boleca Films, María Consuelo Bonilla and Leticia Camarena.

Currently Ronni, who is in the country putting the final touches to these shootings, while developing a new project hand in hand with Menos es Más productions, with high expectations and strengthening the growth not only in the rising career of this director of ours, but of a greater incidence of our productions in new places in the world.


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