Santo Domingo Hollywood International Film Festival announced

The Ministry of Culture, the Office of Trade, Promotion and Investment in the Dominican Republic (OCPIRD) and the General Directorate of Cinema (DGCine) announced the Santo Domingo Hollywood International Film Festival (HIFF), a cultural and tourism event aimed at promoting the national and international film industry.
The festival, which will bring together in the Dominican capital and tourist areas of the country renowned actors, producers, directors, screenwriters, entrepreneurs, investors, film distribution chains and personalities linked to the global film industry, will take place in mid-2022.

The event was announced during a press conference attended by the Minister of Culture and members of the festival’s organizing committee, OCPIRD and DGCINE.

James Peng Fei Wang, executive president of the Santo Domingo Hollywood International Film Festival organizing committee, said: “In addition to us, commissions from different countries in Asia, the United Kingdom, Europe and America are participating in the organization, working hand in hand to raise the prestige, elegance and international reputation of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic will go to the world and the world will know the Dominican Republic”.

For his part, Richard Wu, director of the OCPIRD, affirmed that they will spare no effort or resources to carry out a festival at the height of other famed festivals held in different countries of the world, since there are great entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe and America working on this event. “The Santo Domingo Hollywood International Film Festival directly or indirectly promotes the development of film and television culture, the regional economy and the tourism industry of all South American countries by awarding outstanding film and television works,” added Wu.

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