This year a lot of cinema is being cooked up in the Dominican Republic

It is no secret that local filmmaking in recent years has been going at an unstoppable pace and after a pause due to the ravages caused by the pandemic, the seventh art is rebounding strongly this year 2022, with at least half a dozen titles being shown in local theaters, plus a handful of films that will be shown this year and other bets that, although not local, were filmed in Dominican territory.

But let’s get to the point: what Dominican films are being shown in theaters right now?

We begin with the film “La otra lucha”, a drama by Perseo Film and Producciones Coral, directed by Hans García.

This film, which portrays the 70’s and is inspired by revolutionary struggles, is available at the Palacio del Cine.

In the same vein, the film with which filmmaker Roberto Angel Salcedo debuts in the suspense genre is also being exhibited in the country right now.

It is “Desaparecido”, a film that starts showing the plot of a search and ends full of surprises.

Another more youthful proposal is “Flow de calle”. People who enjoy delving into the neighborhood culture will find this Caribbean Films production, an urban drama, a film for their enjoyment.

In addition, Juan Antonio Bisonó’s drama “Mosh” is also available to the public this weekend at Caribbean Cinemas, bringing to life the story of a young Dominican woman who explores dangerous and unknown paths.

On the other hand, the U.S. film “The lost city”, which is also on the giant screen of the local cinema, is a merit that, in part, belongs to the local industry, which in addition to lending its locations, provided the qualified technical hand to this production.

Meanwhile, the film “Perejil”, by director José María Cabral, will be shown on the 19th of this month and “Rafaela”, by Tito Rodríguez, will be commercially released on the 26th.

However, “Teacher Mechy”, a film starring, acted and produced by Cheddy García, has just begun shooting in the country. Other proposals are also being shaped at this time. The year 2022 promises a lot of cinema for the Dominican Republic.

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