Vin Diesel reveals he created “Fast & Furious” while in Dominican Republic

“The inspiration for the development of the film came around 2005, while I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic,” he confessed in an interview

Vin Diesel is one of a long list of international artists who do not leave the island out of their projects. Ever since he found out that his biological father – whom he never met, he grew up with Irving Vincent, who adopted him – was born in the Dominican Republic, the American has not stopped boasting about his connection with Quisqueya, to the point of revealing that it has served as inspiration for the creation of his most important project.

Diesel revealed that the inspiration for the development of the “Fast & Furious” franchise came to him while he was on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

During an interview for Billboard featuring urban music performers Nicky Jam and Brazil’s Anitta, the action star talked about how he turned the hit film series into a showcase for Latin artists, and is now plotting his own music career.

Diesel, who co-starred with Paul Walker in the 2001 blockbuster “The Fast & the Furious Original,” said he turned down roles in the next two installments because he felt the producers weren’t evolving the story or his characters.

He explained that in the mid-2000s, Universal offered him the opportunity to “produce the way he wants to produce, the way he thinks the franchise should go,” and according to Billboard reviews “he wasn’t convinced; he felt the script and characters were underdeveloped,” to which he demanded that if the script was changed, “he would do it.”

“The inspiration for the development of the film came around 2005, while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. “I was riding my bike on the Malecon and a kid came up and wanted to shine my shoes, but I had sneakers on,” he recalled.

The kid said, “Okay, buy one of my mixtapes,” to which he agreed. Back in his hotel room, Diesel played the music, and was surprised: “It was very organic… Rap was already explosive. But this was something so fresh, it was taking influences from all kinds of music,” he says.

Projects in the Dominican Republic

In March of this year the Dominican Government signed an agreement with the North American actor, through which a project will be implemented that seeks to develop a center for technological and cinematographic innovation (construction of a studio) on Bergantín beach, in Puerto Plata.

The agreement was signed by President Luis Abinader and Vin Diesel during a ceremony held in the tourist destination that the foreign actor seeks to develop.

The project, which will be divided into several stages, will have eight million square meters.

The new destination will be reinforced by the construction of the Amber highway, which will connect Puerto Plata with Santiago and the rest of the provinces of the Northern Region.

“Today we want Bergantin to go down in history as an integral, innovative and sustainable destination. What better than to integrate the film industry to this proposal,” said Luis Abinader.

He assured that this community of the so-called Bride of the Atlantic will become a reference with this project.

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