Ezequiel Montalt with his sights set on the Dominican Republic

Spanish actor Ezequiel Montalt Ros continues to push forward his career as an actor and, this time, with his sights set on several projects in the Dominican Republic, which he will be developing in the coming months.

The artist, singer, trumpet player, composer and arranger is best known for his performance in several successful soap operas such as “Los herederos del Monte”, “La reina del sur”, “Mas sabe el Diablo” and “Santa Diabla”.

The actor, who studied theater in his native Spain, has worked in Venevisión and Telemundo productions, sharing the stage with figures such as Mario Cimarro, Gaby Espino, Miguel Varoni, Carlos Ponce, among others.

“I am very excited to have the Dominican Republic among my next projects. I have never worked there and I am happy to see that my work has arrived and that we will be able to do great things together,” he said.

Montalt studied trumpet at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia (Spain) and graduated from the Academia de Estudios ARS in Valencia (Spain) as a sound engineer. He also studied singing, drums, guitar, piano and harmony. He has experience as a singer in various styles of music.

Montalt starred in plays such as “Roberto Zucco” by Bernard-Marie Coltes in the EMT of Foios playing the character of the same name (Spain), while in the United States he began to participate in major international soap operas such as “Perro Amor”.

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