Fundación Sinfonía celebrates 35 years promoting art for everyone

Fundación Sinfonía reinvents itself and celebrates 35 years developing activities for the promotion of art and music studies.

On this occasion, the Foundation unveils the new logo that will represent them on the occasion of the commemoration of its trajectory and work, promoting music appreciation and education through different projects, concerts and initiatives.

Also, in this context, the alliance with Mediáticos Consultores en Comunicación was celebrated, seeking to promote the value of art and bring it closer to different audiences.

Liza Bonetti de Vicini, Mari Pili Díaz de Martínez, Lía Álvarez, Marisol Rodríguez Copello, Victor Bautista, Margarita Miranda, Roberto Herrera, Maritza Zeller de Bonetti, Sonia Villanueva de Brouwer on behalf of Fundación Sinfonía and Víctor Bautista and Lía Álvarez, from Mediáticos Consultores, were present during the signing ceremony of this alliance.

“This year, we also want to motivate to be part of the ‘Sinfonía Ambassadors’ project. It is an exclusive membership program in support of the Foundation, which makes the ambassadors part of the history of the organization’s 35-year legacy,” explained Margarita Miranda de Mitrov, president.

A press release indicates that among the activities to be developed, during this month, is the Caribbean Lyric Festival 2021, an event to stimulate young singers from the Caribbean area with budding lyric careers and to foster cultural exchange in this region.

The festival received 116 applications from which eight lyric singers were chosen by a panel, an extraordinary number that demonstrates the scope and reception of this initiative.

The gala concert will feature the participation of the National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestros Alberto Rincón and Darwin Aquino; it will be broadcast live on CERTV and the YouTube channels of Altice, European Union, Ministry of Culture, and Fundación Sinfonía, next Sunday, May 9, which joins the celebration of Europe Day, from the Carlos Piantini Hall of the National Theater.

About Fundación Sinfonía

Fundación Sinfonía is a private non-profit organization that since 1986 has been working for the promotion of classical music in the Dominican Republic, bringing classical music to all audiences, to live it through a variety of initiatives and proposals.

Today it continues its long tradition of classical concerts of the highest level, with renowned soloists, conductors and national and international artists.

In addition, it continues to fulfill another of its main objectives: to support educational programs, especially among young people, aimed at a greater appreciation of music.

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