The first #AcroarteenRuta arrives in Santiago

The board of the Asociación de Cronistas de Arte (Acroarte), launched in the city of Santiago the program #AcroarteenRuta, a space with which it seeks to project the goodness of the Dominican Republic, through its culture, music and gastronomy.

The route took the acroartists to get to know the murals established in different streets of emblematic sectors of this city, known as the second capital of the country.

“This project that we start today has as its mission to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of the goodness of our country, highlighting and promoting its culture, the gastronomy of the towns and cities we will visit, as well as its music,” said Emelyn Baldera, president of the organizing entity, who along with a representation of the Executive Committee and the Board of Advisors of Acroarte was received by the mayor of Santiago, Abel Martinez.

“What we have done is to work to enhance the potential of the people of Santiago and our history. That is why, when I was told that you were coming, I did not hesitate to say yes. Santiago is a city with a lot of history and it is great that together we can continue to highlight all that we are,” said the mayor, who received from Baldera the official pin of the institution as a collaborator of this management.

Yanilsa Cruz, cultural manager and in charge of the mural project carried out by the Mayor’s Office of Santiago, served as a guide for this first installment of #AcroarteenRuta, noting that some 12 artists have given life to some 864 murals distributed throughout the main avenues and sectors of Santiago.

At the conclusion of the tour of the murals, the tour continued to one of the country’s emblematic cultural centers located in Santiago: El Centro León, where the exhibition of the Dominican plastic artist, Elsa Núñez, baptized as “Alma adentro” (Soul Inside), is located.

“It is an honor for us to receive you at the Centro León and for you to be witnesses of one of the recent exhibitions we have open to the public, which portrays different important moments of an artist as Dominican as Elsa Núñez”, said Mario Núñez.


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