A Formula 1 track in the Dominican Republic ?

Information flows since the arrival of driver Benjamin Breny

On the eve of the Dominican presidential elections, information has been heard growing in Europe over the past few days, and has retained our attention.

It was revealed by the famous English sports journalist Joe Saward, a specialist in Formula 1 since 1988, as a result of rumors in the world of the elite linked to one of the most important sports businesses in the world.

According to this unavoidable observer, the information has been circulating since the presentation of Benjamin Breny, the Dominican driver revealed to the public over the last few months: The project of a Formula 1 track in Punta Cana

In fact, if Danilo Medina is elected, this track will be made and will significantly increase the flow of tourists in the east of the country.

This circuit could also exploit the maximum hotel capacity in periods less favorable to classic tourism, on the dates of the races that will take place then.

Private funds would enable the building of this circuit while public funds would help to organize Formula 1 and other types of European and American races.

This information is very interesting for us since we know that our Dominican driver Benjamin Breny, is expected to be the cornerstone of the promotion of the Dominican Republic starting this season in the Formula 3 Europe Championship.

Indeed, the creation of a track requires the involvement of the country, either with a driver or a team that would bear his flag and fill the stands.

As is the case for Russia GP (Vitaly Petrov), India (Kartekaien + Force India), the proposed circuit in Mexico (Sergio Perez) and the 2 American GP linked to the arrival of drivers in that country.

We also know from a reliable source that Henry Krausz, who is the representative of the FIA ​​in the Dominican Republic, is currently doing everything possible to open the doors of the Great Deciders of world motor sports for the coming seasons.

An invitation from the famous Scuderia Ferrari in the Maranello simulator, where Benjamin could prove his talent, would even be almost validated !

The combination “training of the pilot- and Dominican circuit construction” would be a logical sequence of events since the pilot would reach Formula 1, after 4 years in F3, GP2 and GP3 and would be present and ready for the opening of the circuit.

This decision by our government would be a major strategic choice of great value for the Dominican Republic, giving the image of a country turned towards the future and technology.

The realization of this Formula 1 track would fill a void in Central America: It’s an opportunity we must take advantage of before other Caribbean islands do so, because several projects are being studied in neighboring countries.

This circuit, as an exceptional tool for communication, would entail significant economic exchanges that no current program is able to develop.

Finally, linked to the sports project, a training center for high-level mechanics, the creation of several permanent and temporary jobs, and a driver education center would open the circuit to the education of our youth and our people.

Sport, education, training and employment, are the beautiful fruit that this project can offer through our program to bring Dominican pilot Breny Benjamin, to the F1.

The company that represents the Dominican pilot Benjamin BRENY is CARIBEN CONSULTING, which is represented by Jean Léonard COTTONE, President, and the Communication Director Sylvain MAUFRAIS.

Contact: 809 803 0271

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