Audi brings to the DR its new line of electric vehicles “e-tron”

The Audi vehicle brand brings to the Dominican Republic market its first models “e-tron” fully electric cars, all-terrain model and high level of performance; with the sportiness, elegance and technology of the brand.

Benjamin Paiewonsky, General Manager of Audi, stated that “Now, in transitioning its primary focus to electric vehicles, Audi continues to evolve further with the passion of conscious and highly skilled technical engineering and masterful professionalism: to meet the requirements of the future with integrity and, above all, conscious ecological sustainability. A perfect combination of passion, skill and high performance for our customers.”

Milagros Abreu, executive president of Avelino Abreu SAS, made the same statement, adding that, as part of its commitment to providing sustainable mobility solutions, the company is committed to positioning these models in the local market.

With an offer of two SUV’s that differ in their design and allude to a traditional style, while the Sportback version emphasizes its personality in a more differentiating SUV Coupe cut.

These sporty SUVs combine the space and comfort of a luxury vehicle with a range suitable for everyday use, transporting the driver to a new era. Every detail of these vehicles fully defines the concept of electric mobility.

Extending the new electric offer, Audi Dominican Republic also introduces the new RS e-tron GT model, as an autonomous grand tourer reinterpreted for the future.

Its 4-door sports sedan appearance is a testament to super premium automotive design. With impressive and thrilling driving performance with 646hp of power for powerful, dynamic and long-range handling. The RS e-tron GT is the grand tourer of the future.

Each of these electric models are designed with the lifestyle of today’s customer in mind, as sustainability is a priority for them.

In this sense, Audi works sustainably every day, making responsible use of resources, systematically reducing CO₂ emissions, developing electromobility and circular economy, qualities that highlight the high degree of commitment of the brand.

The e-tron models feature a fully variable quattro drive system, ensures that power is distributed to each wheel intelligently with a newly designed lithium-ion battery.

Audi has two sizes of battery that directly affects the power of the model, being these of 71 kW to 95 kW with an on-board network of 800 volts and with capacity for fast charging to be able to use chargers up to 270 kw thus reducing charging times.

For the Dominican Republic we have chosen the best selection of materials for high elegance and quality finishes, accompanied by the highest levels of equipment. Among these we can highlight the s-line sports packages, adaptive air suspension, fine nappa leather with contrasting stitching, night vision systems with thermal infrared camera, premium sound system, bang & olufsen, 21 rings and 360-degree environment camera with real-time projection of the model in 3D. These premium components make every minute of driving a memorable experience on and off the road.

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