DR must prepare to formally receive electric vehicle technology

The company is preparing to adopt electric vehicle technology.

The president of Santo Domingo Motors (SDM), Aníbal Rodríguez, considered yesterday that the Dominican Republic has to work on readjusting to formally receive electric vehicle technology.

“That is the future, definitely. It depends on us, as a country, how fast we can get ready. Manufacturers are very advanced, but they have to validate that the right conditions exist in the local market to release the technology,” he said.

Rodriguez also said that Santo Domingo Motors depends a lot on the manufacturer to adopt the technology in the Dominican Republic.

He pointed out that SDM is reviewing, together with the General Motors factory in Mexico, “certain aspects that are necessary for the country to adapt to receive the electric technology, which is a different technology, it is a technology that requires a charging structure”.

He also said that in order to adopt the technology there are other aspects of economic and non-economic incentives, and construction elements, among others.

“We need that already civil constructions, let’s say, housing, shopping centers, offices, start to have charging stations, because our buildings are not designed today for there to be a replacement of the existing vehicle fleet to electric”
Aníbal Rodríguez
President of Santo Domingo Motors

The president of the General Motors factory in Mexico, José Francisco (Paco) Garza, said that they are working hand in hand with Santo Domingo Motors to create the conditions for the redistribution of electric vehicles in the Dominican Republic.

“We are working together with our distributor in the Dominican Republic in order to create, from the perspective of a redistribution, the necessary conditions for this (technological) adoption to be accelerated,” indicated Paco Garza.

Public policies

Paco Garza pointed out that subsequently, adequate public policies are needed to generate charging infrastructures (electric chargers), fiscal and non-fiscal incentives and, obviously, to understand the impacts of electric energy consumption.

“We will start commercialization soon in the Dominican Republic of electric vehicles. We can announce later which brands (will be brought). We are working together with our distributor (SDM) in order to generate the right conditions for technological adoption,” he said.

He specified that General Motors has a commitment that by 2035, 100% of North American vehicle production will be electric vehicles.

“We are transforming our facilities for the production of electric vehicles…, but we must prepare in time to be able to offer the best service to our customers and have the necessary conditions to use them properly,” he said.

He said electric vehicles currently represent approximately 2% of General Motors’ sales.

“That’s going to tend to accelerate, because we’ll be launching more products in the global market. That will tend to accelerate in the rest of 2023 and by 2024 that percentage will be much higher,” he said.

Source: Diariolibre.com

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