Port Authority inaugurates charging station for electric vehicles

The executive director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), Jean Luis Rodríguez, inaugurated this Friday a charging station for electric vehicles, donated by the company Peynado G.A., in the person of its president Mr. Jacinto Peynado, with which it seeks to strengthen its policy of efficiency and good use of natural resources.

Jean Luis Rodríguez said that the implementation of the electric charger reinforces the Port Authority’s commitment and dedication to being an environmentally friendly institution.

“Today we are more aware of the importance of caring for the environment and the need to establish cleaner processes and technology to achieve a sustainable planet. This is why in the Dominican Port Authority we have implemented a series of actions that are now reinforced with the installation of this electric charger, an innovation that in the future will be used on a daily basis,” said Rodriguez.

Jacinto Peynado, president of Peynado G.A. and representative of Porsche in the country, reiterated his social responsibility to promote the use of renewable energy in his companies and other institutions.

“We wanted to do our bit and make this donation to an institution that for us is an example right now, because we have seen all the changes that have taken place, Peynado emphasized.

For the demonstration of the charger, the Peynado GA company lent one of its vehicles, which served as a model in the commissioning of the power supply station.

Porsche has responsibly wanted to help countries like the Dominican Republic, and institutions that are really making a change in their environmental policy with this donation through us who are their representatives in the country,” he said.

At the event, the executive director of APORDOM, Jean Luis Rodríguez, also delivered a fleet of new vehicles to the transportation department, consisting of two Chevrolet Colorado vans and two Nissan minibuses, to support the transportation route, which will allow more than a hundred employees to get home more comfortably and safely, as well as new uniforms and clothing for employees in the area.

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