Towards more sustainable mobility in the Dominican Republic

With the aim of protecting the environment and promoting a green recovery, Uber announced its commitment to sustainability in the Dominican Republic. As part of its efforts, the app entered into a strategic alliance with Evergo, the network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Through this initiative, Evergo makes 20 electric vehicles from its corporate fleet available to driver partners.

In a first stage, the network will offer the option of a 30-day free trial period for these cars. For those interested, after the test, special facilities will be offered for the purchase of the vehicles.

Uber will be sharing via email to active driver-partners on the app the details of how they can take advantage of this opportunity.

Driver partners selected for the trial are being contacted by staff from both companies.

This effort represents an opportunity for driver-partners to acquire a technologically advanced car at an affordable cost. In addition to being able to get more out of their earnings by driving on the app, since electric vehicles can represent a reduction of up to 60% in fuel investment and up to 83% in maintenance.

Evergo’s network totals more than 350 charging stations distributed in the 32 provinces of the country and 500 at the regional level. This figure is expected to triple by the end of 2022.

New product focused on supporting the environment

Uber also announced the availability for users in the Dominican Republic of Uber Planet, a new mobility alternative with which users will be able to offset the carbon footprint (CO2) of their trips requested through the app.

How does it work? If the user decides to travel with Uber Planet will be contributing with an additional amount in their trip for strategies that offset the carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon credits.

For this, Uber made a strategic alliance with Anaconda Carbon, a company that will be in charge of measuring, mitigating and compensating the carbon footprint produced in the trips requested by Uber Planet users. Uber will acquire, through Anaconda Carbon, carbon credits from forestry projects registered with the “Verra” standard, aimed at protecting the Amazon.

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