Transforming concept cars reveal what the future will look like

During Monterrey Car Week, brands such as Audi and Lincoln showed their vision of the technology that vehicles will incorporate in a few years.

Monterrey Car Week in Monterrey, California, served as a showcase for the major automakers to show what the future holds through their concept cars.

While Audi unveiled a prototype of a sports car that transforms; Lincoln showed the design of the ‘Anniversary’ one of the four concept cars that are the product of the Lincoln and ArtCenter College Design challenge.

Both visions are surprising for their design lines and of course the novel technology they could incorporate in a few years.

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This spectacular roadster is the first member of a new family of prototypes, which was designed based on two driving experiences. To achieve this, the concept car changes shape and modifies both the wheelbase and the exterior length of the vehicle.

The driver will only have to push a button and choose his or her own experience. Thus he will have a ‘Gran Turismo’ with autonomous driving mode, enjoying the sky through a convertible roof. In the ‘Sport’ mode, the steering wheel and pedals are moved until they are hidden.

An electric motor on the rear axle will be responsible for supplying power to the wheels of this axle. With an output of 465 kW (632 hp) and a maximum torque of 750 Nm, the roadster accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4 seconds.

For its part, the American label showed the design of a futuristic concept car with capacity for four passengers, was created to connect the present and the past of the brand through digital technology. This is the result of a challenge to imagine what the brand’s models that will circulate beyond 2040 will be like.

The life-size replica that was created highlights an exterior of curved lines that flow smoothly along the vehicle. The goal was to form the personalized sanctuary of the future.

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In this case rather than a true proposal that shows Lincoln’s vision for the following years and decades, the firm sought to involve design students. They created a narrative around the models developed.

The concept cars of these automotive labels attracted attention during the Monterrey Car Week. The event also served to showcase the new launches of Aston Martin, Bugatti or Lamborghini.

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