Amelia Vega, Dominicans’ favorite trend after another Miss Universe

Another year and another Miss Universe that passes. And Amelia Vega is trending again, because of the memory of her victory in 2003 for the Dominicans.

This time, the beauty pageant took place last night in Eilat, Israel.

The chosen one to represent the Dominican homeland and culture, Debbie Aflalo, fell out of the top 16 in the acclaimed night, being eliminated practically in the first round of the contest.

After Aflalo’s early elimination and the country’s disappointment, several comments began to emerge through social networks about another defeat for the Dominican Republic in the contest, taking the opportunity to mention the one who once represented us and was crowned.

Amelia Vega, known for having participated in Miss Universe and besides that, having won the pageant. She is the first and so far only Dominican with the title of winner.

The model and singer born in Santiago de los Caballeros participated in the 2003 edition at the age of 18.

Many of her followers before the event often post pictures or comments about her, recalling those times when Amelia shone on the catwalks of the fifty-second edition, held in Panama.

“Every time there is Miss Universe, Amelia is trending,” was one of the tweets posted by one of her fans.

Amelia Vega was also aware of the pageant. The former miss said she would not make any comments and stressed that she does not like to offend anyone because “one has feelings with the people of her country and we are going to respect that”.

She added that she gets more nervous watching the pageant than when she was contesting, even when she saw her own participation even though she already knew what was going to happen, she could not control her nerves.

Miss Universe 2021
Yesterday was held the 70th edition of Miss Universe, where 80 participants were waiting to be chosen as the most beautiful woman in the universe for their gifts and beauty.

During the selection process, the contest goes through five elimination rounds. Of the eighty girls, 16 were chosen first: Aruba, Colombia, France, Great Britain, India, Japan, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Bahamas, United States, Venezuela and Vietnam.

After the swimwear round, 10 were selected: Aruba, Colombia, France, India, Puerto Rico, South Africa, United States, Paraguay, Philippines and Bahamas.

The top 5 were selected after the remaining 10 were presented in their swimsuits. Colombia, India, Paraguay, Philippines and South Africa.

Finally, the tension fell on three of the five models mentioned above: India, South Africa and Paraguay.

To end the night, with tears of joy was crowned as Miss Universe 2021 the representative of India, Harnaaz Sandhu.

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