Anti Cellulite Plans

Advices to fight cellulite

Now that we know better the cellulite, it’s time to discover some plans and positive acts to apply in order to fight the orange skin.  Anti Cellulite Plans 4

Without referring to medical treatments or surgical interventions, there are some advices that can help to decrease or prevent the apparition of cellulite.

Drink green tea

The famoAnti Cellulite Plans 1us green tea is good to help us eliminate cellulite: it helps to drain water, favours burning of accumulated fat as it tones up cells, and contains a great amount of antioxidant.

A massage everyday

The massage enables to work directly on the fat cells and to disintegrate them inch by inch.

No need to get an appointment with a professional, give massages to yourself after shower, during ten minutes, and from lower part to upper part.

Sweat as much as you can

Sweating enables the body to consume energy to fight heat and helps burning fat, including cellulite.

Eat right

Even if cellulite is also a problem of slim women, gaining weight worsens the situation. So, avoid nibbling and favors proteins, and also avoid slow-burning sugar at dinner.

Consume many vitamins with antioxidant virtues helps better blood circulation.Anti Cellulite Plans 2

Make your body work

Try to walk as much as possible and practice some sport at least once a week, in order to burn cellulite and accumulated fat. Climb up stairs, swim etc… just move !

Evacuate stress

Stress favors gaining weight because we eat more and because it elevates the cortisol amount in our body, which goal is to prepare organism to a new stress by stocking available calories.

So, practice relaxation techniques, yawn and laugh as often you can !

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