Camellia Jewels By Chanel

A wonderful collection

The Camellia collection by Chanel is composed by exceptional jewelry pieces, inspired in the geometrical shapes and in the regularity of the Camellia petals.

Simple and forbidden flower, it’s in harmony with the Chanel spirit.

Camelia Chanel 01  Camelia Chanel 02 Camelia Chanel 04 

The line presents these wonderful rings in white gold, surmounted by representation of the emblematic flower: cacholong for the white ones, onyx for the black ones.

A unique flower majestically worn or two camellias that come together, the rings are sometimes embellished with diamonds.


Camelia Chanel 06Camelia Chanel 07Camelia Chanel 05

Declined in necklaces, these camellias mix with others models, arrayed by black and white diamonds, sapphire and ruby, lightly posed on rings, necklaces or earrings.

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