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For men

In a society where the men take more and more care of their beauty, Didier Rase is one of the pioneers of the cares for men. In 1979 he launches the first complete line of beauty cares for men and initiates in 2003 a research that leads, in 2006, to the discovery of the Phyto-androzyme® .

Since then, Didier Rase exploits the benefic properties of this vegetal and natural molecule on the epidermis of men, through high class products: Face cares (Masks, gels, emulsions), after shaving cares, and body cares.

The new products: two anti-acne cares for the men of all age.
The first one, a cleaning gel anti-imperfections without soap, with a PH almost the same of the skin, will be used to clean, protect and moisturize the skin.

The second one is a Purificating Emulsion that works on imperfections and purifies the skin thanks to its formula with Phyto-androzyme, PP Vitamin and PCA Zinc.

The luxury of a wonderful skin !

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