DR to host the Mini World 2022 beauty contest

The Dominican Republic is preparing to host the most important international children’s beauty pageant, Mini World 2022, which will be held from September 18-25 at the prestigious Nickelodeon and Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana.

More than 50 girls will compete for the litmus crown; from North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Central America; who will be divided into baby, mini and pre-teen categories between the ages of 4 and 13 years old.

“This is a great opportunity that allows our country, we will expose our culture and tourism thanks to Mini World 2022, we are very grateful for the immense support received by those who have trusted in the development of this contest,” said Nerys Diaz, director of Gatsby Dominicana, organizer of the contest in the DR.

A press release indicates that during a full week, the girls will participate in activities in the water parks of the hotels, where they will be evaluated by the judges through fun games and will show their talents and skills.

The participants will also be able to project their cultures, customs, gastronomy and the history of their different countries in various presentations, as well as displaying the colors of their flags on high.

Gatsby Dominicana will be celebrating its 35th anniversary as a talent and children’s modeling company, which in turn represents the world famous franchise.

“This will be a magnificent production where we will throw the house out the window, full of lights, color and high technology in charge of the best suppliers in the Dominican Republic, we will be in charge of the general production of the company Diseño Latino based in Bogota, Colombia,” said Diaz.

This event has a trajectory of seven years and has had queens of different nationalities who have managed, through their participation, to insert themselves in the fascinating world of television and international social networks.

There is great expectation around this celebration, which will be the 7th edition of the prestigious event, and hundreds of families are already joining in to accompany their delegates on this beautiful journey and take the opportunity to enjoy all that the Dominican Republic has to offer its visitors.

“The reason for bringing the contest to the country again is to continue collaborating with the worldwide projection of tourism, beaches and our culture,” said Diaz.

To follow the trajectory of the event, you are invited to follow the official pages on IG: @miniworldorganizacion and the website: www.miniworldorg.com, as well as additional information through the contact number 1-809-222-3406.

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