Dreaming By Tommy Hilfiger

The new Tommy Hilfiger fragrance

Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger

Romantic and feminine

With its new perfume Dreaming, Tommy Hilfiger is hoping to reach a slightly more mature cohort of women aged 18-35 than with the Tommy fragrances and colognes, which were aimed more at teenagers.

The brand also wishes to offer a more sophisticated image of the brand by harking back to old Hollywood and enlisting super model Mona Johannesson glammed up as Marilyn Monroe.

The pure perfume version of a Tommy Hilfiger fragrance is also a first for the brand and only that concentration comes with a book that enables you to decipher your dreams.

Dreaming was developed by perfumer Stephen Nilsen, and features peach, tuberose, freesia, white hibiscus, white woods and orris.

It is a fruity floral, sweet and sparkling in the opening, peppery white floral-ish in the heart, cool musky woods with a velvet finish at the end.

It could be called romantic and feminine more than sensuous and seductive, making it a good fit with its name and with the white-sheets-and-innocence ad imagery featuring model Mona Johannesson.

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