Hairstyles for Christmas

Different kinds of buns

For Christmas Eve and New Year eve’s party you already know which shoes, dress and makeup you’re going to use. Now it’s time to choose your hairstyle. Of course, for those who have short hair, it will be easy and you’ll just have to go to hairdresser on the same day. But for long hair, forget the queues other everyday hairdressing, and use a great bun.

Don’t think this hairdressing is boring, it’s just perfect for end of year celebrations, because it’s sophisticated and emphasizes the nape, a very feminine and sexy part of women body, at the same

time it highlights the makeup.

Braided Bun 02Braided Bun 01

The dancer bun

Since it’s high on head, it frees the nape and is very feminine. If you like to be classic, hair simply will be combed backward. You can decorate it with a ribbon.

Alternative choice : To be less classic, peel off the hair from the head with a brushing, the dishevelled hairstyle is very romantic.

Wining choice : The classic dancer bun with the sophisticated make-up, or dishevelled bun with a romantic make-up.

Dancer Bun 01Dancer Bun 02    Dancer Bun 03

The braided bun

It’s a very pretty bun, perfect for hair with streaks. The result is glamorous and recalls the hairdressing of antiquity. To realize it, pull your hair back, blotched on head. Do a pony-tail, a bit high, and do a braid you roll up into a chignon.

Alternative choice : The braids can be placed on sides of the head.

Wining choice : The classic braided bun with the gold makeup will look awesome, or with the colored one.

French Bun 05French Bun 04French Bun 03

French Twist

It’s for sure the most sophisticated one, and gives a nobility air. But it’s not easy to realize alone and needs to be performed on long hair.

Alternative choice : With this kind of bun, you can always let some curly hair fall, to be less classic.

Wining choice : With this kind of bun, the sophisticated makeup will look great… or romantic and light… all one or the other.

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