How to have beautiful nails ?

Here are some tips

Nails are a very important seduction asset, and they say a lot about your attention to personal grooming and femininity. But having beautiful nails is not always easy. Here are some tips you could use to take care of them.

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The first step is to get your nails strong and healthy, since nothing is more unpleasant than nails that break easily.

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Tips to have healthy nails:

  • Hydration: Like skin, nails need their daily moisture. At least once a day, apply a hydrating lotion at the base of your nails and massage it so you can also activate blood circulation at the same time.
  • Avoid contact water: The water softens the nails, so you should try to avoid a prolonged exposure to water, and always do the dishes with gloves.
  • Smoking, as well as the manipulation of chemicals gives a yellow color to the nails. You can dip your fingers in lemon juice to remove this color but the effect is only temporary.
  • Favour foods that contain vitamin B, vitamin C, silica and protein.
  • Use tweezers to cut your nails instead of using a nail clipper.
  • Nail polish: it’s great because it protects your fingernails, but remember to let them breathe from time to time without enamel. Do not use very dark colors since nails can become yellow.
  • Use a nail varnish remover that doesn’t contain acetone, as it dries out the nails.
  • Avoid using false nails.
  • Dry your nails properly to avoid moisture and fungal infections.

To have beautiful nails

How filing your nails correctly

Choose the right nail file: Do not use metal nail files, the vibrations they produce causes damages. The best option is the glass files, because they are the softest ones.

Regarding texture, use soft files for fragile nails, medium grain for resistant nails, and large grain for false nails.

The correct way to file you nails: Start from the edges and file towards the center, never go back and forth. When you’re done, put your fingers under water and gently brush your fingernails to remove deNails 05bris.

Nail polish

Your nail have to be clean and smooth. Apply a first thin coat of enamel starting with a band in the middle of the nail, and then a band on each side. Wait at least 3 minutes before applying the second coat.




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