Is it important to design the smile?

The answer to the question in this headline is simple: everything that makes you feel good should be important. The same thing happens with smiling, when you don’t feel comfortable with something the ordeal of dissatisfaction could overshadow a moment that should be full; something that becomes noticeable when when laughing you have the need to cover your mouth, press your lips to avoid smiling or other gestures that are caused by fear, embarrassment or insecurity.

The opposite happens when you are pleased with what you have on your face and therefore you can smile being able to impact others.

This is where the relevance of finding a reconciliation with yourself comes in; which, if not achieved with self-acceptance, is surely achieved by solving the physical aspect that ails you; something like the design of the smile. For Samir Barbour, a specialist in prosthodontics, esthetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation, when designing the smile, he uses pieces worked in different types of products, which impact the teeth without wear. The best thing is that it can be done in four to six hours.

“I usually advise those who want a lighter shade, presenting them with options of work done with little professionalism, which leads to disenchantment and negative comments about veneers, because these people have sought professionals who are only interested in the payment of the work, even if the client does not meet the characteristics for veneers or smile designs,” he says.

Allies of a beautiful smile

This beautiful gesture requires more than white teeth, it includes well distributed gums, in proportion to the teeth and an aligned dentition. For both, dentistry is also in our favor:

Invisible orthodontics: comes to replace the traditional metal fittings that have historically been detested and is associated with an unsightly image. Among the options are those that align with transparency, almost imperceptible to others, and brackets that are placed behind the teeth.

Gum alignment: it often happens that the gums cover the teeth to such an extent that the teeth look shorter than they should, at least according to conventional beauty standards. This is when a quick intervention, with no more medication than drinking something cold (water, ice cream, yogurts…), can solve the problem.

Direct veneers: these are resin veneers, which take four to five hours to place, without wearing down the tooth, unlike ceramic veneers, which are more resistant and cost more. “This procedure cannot be done on the run, since the pieces are sent to the laboratory, then it is time to model, polish and create perfect pieces,” says Dr. Samir Barbour, a specialist in this type of intervention.

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