“Les Blonds Bohèmes” By Franck Provost

Hairstyles ideas for blonds

The women’s life is not always easy… we often have to face many dilemmas, and one of the most important concerns our hair, when we decide to change our look.

The Hairstylist Franck Provost knows something about that, and, to help us, he decided to create a hairdressing collection called Les blonds bohèmes (The Bohemian Blonds).

It contains every longs and nuances, no matter if you prefer platinum blond, Venetian blond or caramelized blond. If you like short hair, the collection offers very nice cuts, always fluid and asymmetrical, angled bobs and structured or wild hairstyles.

If you prefer long hair, very nice shapes are possible, for a bohemian or sophisticated look, always emphasizing face beauty. A very well done line, between elegance and freedom that shows us the many varieties of blond to help us decide…or hesitate more ?

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