Make-up for black skins

Tips and colors to use

Even if the techniques to make up black skins are the same ones as for the white skins, the choice of the colors and textures is different.

Which colors to choose for the eyes, the lips, and the dye ?

Discover the answers in the following:

The make-up foundation: We generally apply with large brush a little sun powder. However, for the clear skins, we will prefer sun clay containing a point of golden sanded or caramel beige, while for the more matt skins; we choose more coppery colors (Sienna clay, chocolate).

Eyebrows: The current trend is the thick and nicely filled out eyebrows, so take the opportunity to stretch them towards the outside with a chestnut dark or black color.

The eyes pencil: The pencil or the black eyeliner emphasizes the white of the eye thus giving force to the glance. For those which prefer the colors, dark brown, green fir tree, or blue night are the best shades.

Black Skin Makeup 01  Black Skin Makeup 04  Black Skin Makeup 07

The mascara: Of course, the black will go very well with the dark skins, but we can also choose a blue night, dark purple or chestnut mascara, which will illuminate the glance.

The eye shadow: We can apply an off-white color to lighten the eyelid which will be used in contrast with another make-up, quite strong.

The iridescent or pearly colors are perfect for the dark skins because they catch the light. Otherwise, we choose a brown cream, grey, brick or chestnut colored basis which we then enhance with a luminous make-up (iridescent white for example) under the eyebrow and the internal corner of the eye.

Black Skin Makeup 02Black Skin Makeup 05

Lips: After a good moisturization, we draw the contour of the lips with a pencil a little bit darker than the lipstick than we will then apply.

We bet on neutral colors like sober red or rosy beige. Then, a small blow of gloss and it’s OK !

To remember: The preferred colors of the black skins are brick, plum, brown, khaki, purple and golden tones.


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