Monica Bellucci in the Mystérieuse Inde by Cartier

The gorgeous Italian for the Mysterious India

When one speaks about beauty and that we want to personify it, Monica Belluci seems to be one of the emblematic figures representing it.
A wonderful body, a perfect face, a bewitching charm and a charismatic personality allowed the beautiful woman to become an international icon of beauty.

Cartier, jeweler whose name makes also echo in the whole world, chose her to represent the name since now more than 10 years.

The campaign of the line Inde Mystérieuse does not remove anything to the prestige of the name and the Monica Bellucci beauty.
And if it seems difficult to emphasize the jewels in front of the vividness of the beautiful Italian woman, the bet is held: the Cartier splendid jewels are anchored in the India sensuality and the pure luxury.

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