Nativee jewels

The sounding pendant for pregnant women

Nativee proposes special jewels for expectant mothers.

Nativee   Lully Joy Nativee

They are generally round pendants that are equipped with a ball in their interior that produces a relaxing sound when it is moving.

Made from a habit coming from Indonesia, the cord is long and the steel pearl rests on the belly, rocking the baby by the sounds it emits.


Secret Geometric NativeeSuara Equilibre Nativee

The sound pearls are also very aesthetic and are declined in three collections;

  • Suara Pearl : Silver sounding pearls adorned with crystal rocks;
  • Lully Pearl : Silver sounding pearls with delicate patterns ;
  • Secret Pearl :Silver sounding pearls protected by a silver case.

All the jewels are hand made by Indonesia craftsman and every pearl you buy allows Nativee to take part in the Street Children program, and association that helps Indonesia street children by constructing schools for example.

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