Néroli Sugar Orient Scrub

With this care you’ll have a princess skin

The scrub is part of the ritual to form the beauty of a woman.

After a vigorous application, the body is rid of dead cells and a Néroli hydrolipidic film is deposited on the skin.

The sugar scrub Ointment Orient at the Néroli circulates its soothing virtues, revitalizes the circulation and shows the smoothness of the tone.

The skin is sublimated and radiant. When used on the face, smooth skin regains its brightness.

Take a handful of sugar scrub and rub vigorously on a moist skin.

Emphasize areas at rough heels or elbows. On the face, apply light circular motions, avoiding the eyes.
Rinse with clear water and then apply oil or milk Orient Ointment for optimal results.

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