Nieves Marcano crowned new Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2021

The Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2021 contest crowned the candidate from the province of María Trinidad Sánchez, Nieves Marcano, as the new representative of the country in the contest that will choose the most beautiful woman on earth, in a ceremony to be held in the Philippines, where the Dominican will be one of the 80 aspirants to the crown, which in 2020 was won by Lindsey Coffey of the United States.

The gala was held last September 1 at the Anthony Hudson auditorium of the Dominican American Cultural Institute, where the 10 beauties aspiring to the tiara that accredits her as the representative of the Dominican Republic in the Miss Earth 2021. The event was a full house and was hosted by the communicators Liza Blanco and Barbara Plaza.

Each of the participants had the support of an audience that showed their energy in each of the tests that the candidates performed, from the parade in swimsuit, gala dresses, questions and even the selection of the winner, the beautiful representatives kept high the contest, which was under the direction of Chris Puesan. The show was also staged by executive producers Joyce Roy and Camilo Then.

Irina Peguero was in charge of the general production of the pageant, which is one of the four most important beauty pageants in the world. Very excited, the communicator and model had the role of preparing each of the candidates for Miss Earth, which made her feel honored to guide the girls to excel and grow through this event.

This is the first Dominican beauty pageant to be held in the country during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, in which controls and measures were maintained to ensure the health of the participants and the public present. The event was enlivened by Tommy Alva and Rafely Rosario, who were in charge of providing their musical proposals during the contest.

Nieves Marcano was elected by the jury as the winner of Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2021, while winning the titles of Best Profile, Miss Fitness, Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality and Best Aquarius Silhouette.

Other title winners were: Seliné Gallardo for Best Face; Amelia Vásquez for Best Smile; Nicole Franco for Miss Personality and Beauty for a Cause; Rosmeily Martínez for Miss Elegance; Charinelys López for Miss Dance; Valentina Campion for Miss Integral Beauty and Jesenia Tapia for Miss Popularity.

The representative of Puerto Plata, Jesenia Tapia was the 4th Finalist; the 3rd Finalist from La Romana, Cristi Yelitza Báez; the 2nd Finalist was Nicole Franco, from the National District and the 1st Finalist was Valentina Campion, Miss Samaná.

Among the sponsors and facilitators of the Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2021 pageant are: Artisan Pro, PH Brothers, Functional Fitness Studio, Pointe dance studio, Rocca Bar, Óleobeau, Melonails/Meloskins, Acuario Swimwear, Centro Odontológico Doctores Castellanos, Dollfran Fitwear and Dr. Gabriel Páez (facial plastic surgery) and Dr. Jhonny Guzmán.

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