Olivier de SaintLoup

Beautiful silver jewels

Olivier de Saint Loup, or OSL for intimate, is a jeweller-designer, who creates silver jewellery since more than a decade.

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Made the traditional way, OSL creations are also innovative, diversified and elegant.


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For 2009, the brand innovates with a team of young designers and imagination rhymes with emotions. Thus we find bracelets in leather, of different colours, embellished with a beautiful silver buckle, large or small, design or paved with a thousand gems.

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As for the rings either you like them classic or contemporary, we find happiness in the delicacy of forms and meticulous work of Olivier de SaintLoup.


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For the pendants we also have the choice, from classical to modern, or even ethnic, while the wide bracelets dress with large mesh or coloured stones.

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