Pretty Nina by Nina Ricci

The new Nina Ricci fragrance
Pretty Nina is Nina’s little sister

A sweet and gourmand limited-edition fragrance, “a girly interlude all decked out in a flashy-pink and glossy-white outfit”. The perfume features new notes like raspberry, grapefruit and rose petals.

Described as “a juice concocted like a dessert tray”, Pretty Nina is a fresh-and-fruity floral scent blending juicy raspberries, sweet green apple, tangy grapefruit and light petals over a base of apple-tree wood and gourmand caramel and vanilla notes.

Top note is Grapefruit, Lime, middle note is raspberry, green apple, jasmine and finally base note is rose, apple-tree wood, musk, vanilla and caramel.

Nina’s apple bottle has blushed pink, and the leaves and cap flaunt a glossy-white metallic hue.

Available in limited edition as an Eau de Toilette 1.7 oz.

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