Protect your hair against the sun

To keep it nice and shining

The sun, the bathing, the sand, the sea… A perfect image for many of us, which is a true nightmare for our hair.

In fact, if we always protect our skin against UVs, we often forget to do the same for our hair. This is a big mistake considering that the sun and marine salt dry it and mistreat it, so it becomes brittle and dull.

Hair Care Sun Hair Care Sun

Fortunately, the cosmetics names offer many protecting lotions that are totally effective and invisible. These one come as oil in spray, cream in jars, or as gel in tube.

If you prefer a more natural way to protect your hair, you can apply monoi on it as the Tahitians, or use cosmetic argan oil.
However, as these are oils, avoid using them if you have greasy hair.

Hair Care Sun

After a swimming pool of beach day, don’t forget to rinse your head with clear water: salt and chlorine harm you hair. Use nourishing cares if possible; you will be able to find some made specially to repair hair after sun.

But as prevention is better than cure, do not hesitate to use these protecting cares you can have in your bag, even if you don’t bath in sea, for a sunny day…

Finally, and even if it can seem too simple, don’t forget that hats protect very well against UVs too !

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