Different relaxation methods

Nowadays, everyone is exposed to tiredness, stress and depression.

Then, to avoid it, relaxation can be useful.
Relaxation can help to reload the batteries.

Several techniques of Relaxation exist to alleviate the physical symptoms of the stress.
Here are some relaxing techniques.

Relaxation Relaxation


It is perhaps the most known practice, and it allows every person to introduce into his life a moment of silence, at least 1 hour per week, thanks to a work on the body and breath related to the mental.

The purpose is to find a point of relaxation and concentration.

After a 5 minutes relaxation lying down on the floor, with calmed breath, we begin exercises, in sitting, lying and standing positions, sometimes soothing, near to sleeping, sometimes more tonic.

The session ends sited or lying down, according to tiredness level, by a quarter

of an hour energy inspiration/expiration exercise. The feeling of body wellbeing is immediate.

After one year of practicing, back and articulations benefits as well as improvement of the flexibility are felt. Yoga helps to a harmonious development of the personality.
Muscular relieving

Progressive muscular relaxation is a very famous method to fight stress.

This method is made of two parts during which you contract and relax various muscles groups of your body. Practiced regularly, muscular relieving allows you to understand what a complete relieving in various parts of your body means.

Your spirit will relax then as your body is relaxed.



Blue is visualized if it is the color you like. The parasitic thoughts will gradually disappear. You reach a mental pause.

Positive images appear and replace black thoughts (personal place where you were happy, concretes perception of a project).

If theses images are specific to each one, they always are a projection of a happy transformation or of a success.

An assiduous practice can lead the person to be able to practice this technique everywhere, by a five minutes mental pause. But it’s only possible when you reached the capacity to disconnect yourself from the outside world by carrying out in an effective way the relaxation.

This therapeutic method consists on the visualization process in a musical context: the harp suggests rivers, fountains in a wonderful landscape while bird songs evoke summer, trees… Supported by the music, you evacuate the psychic and body tensions due to destabilizing factors (hyperactivity, stress, noise), while finding a harmonious dimension of your personality.

The Reiki is practiced in an institute during 1 hour sessions. The person is lying down, the eyes closed, while the expert proceeds by laying on hands without touching the body.

There is an energy transfer between him and the patient. The body receives the strengths it needs by reacting by heat, cold, and tingling sensations.



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