T’ai Chi Mask

By Herborist

If you like the ying yang symbol, you should love the “T’ai Chi” Herborist Mask too.

Its a product composed by two masks: a black one that purifies and a white one that reveal the radiance of the skin.

The black care is mainly composed by Red Peony (famous plant in the Chinese tradition for its purifying virtues), and helps cleaning skin deeply.

It’s a scrub by reaction with skin, and has no grains.

It removes impurities, makeup residues and the skin dead cells. The result is a clean and fresh skin.

Concerning the white mask, it realizes a calming action, nourishes the skin to reveal its radiance.

Mainly composed by white peony, it put a protecting film on the epidermis, for a softness sensation and a radiant skin.

A combined action of red peony and white peony, one completes the other, of course…

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