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Informations about cellulite
What is cellulite ?

The true cellulite is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, which is caused by several diseases.

What is called cellulite in the everyday language (esthetical cellulite) is the result of a subcutaneous storage of fat accompanied by water retention and the ageing of conjunctive tissue that concerns 90% of women after puberty.

Contrarily to received ideas, cellulite is not linked with weight since it also present on slim women.


Cellulite Cellulite

Why the women ?

The feminine organism is programmed to store energies for pregnancy and breastfeeding. With a normal weight, the amount of fat represents more or less 22% of bodyweight for women and only 12% for men.

Besides, the fatty cells, called “adiposities”, are located in different areas according to sex. In women, there are located in the stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips, while in men they are located on the superior part of body and abdomen.

Finally, the women skin is thinner, and it favours the unsightly aspect, the famous “orange skin”.

Factors that favors the apparition of cellulite

  • The insufficient circulation, no matter if its hereditary or acquired;
    Settled way of life, because there is no more venous and lymphatic pumping provoked when muscles work;
    Bad diet that favors fat accumulation;
    Menstruation, because of the oestrogen increasing;
    Hormonal problems
  • Goods things to know
  • There are several kinds of cellulite:
  • The new cellulite that is only visible when skin is crimped between two fingers.
    Installed cellulite, that gives an irregular aspect to skin, called orange skin ;
    And the fibrous cellulite, which is rigid, old, and painful during palpation, unsightly.
  • Cellulite develops often during important moment in the life of woman, as puberty, pregnancy and premenopausal.
    Contrarily, maternal breastfeeding seems to favors its removal, and enables to prevent its apparition.
  • Cellulite is a vicious circle: During the formation of cellulite, cells in excess compress blood vessels. The slowing down of blood vessels favours the accumulation of other cells that asphyxiate the tissues…
  • Next week, discover some advices to get rid of this famous orange skin !


cellulite cellulite

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