The massages

Alleviating, relaxing or vitalizing, the massage has many virtues

There are several alternatives, based on different methods and parts of the body.

The benefits of the massage are infinite: Relief of back pains, making muscles more flexible, help to evacuate tensions to improve articular mobility, to support a greater movement’s amplitude, to improve the sleep quality, as well as digestion, blood and lymphatic circulation and the skin health etc…
The shiatsu

Shiatsu is a traditional energy discipline that haves Japanese origin.
The massages

It consists in carrying out stretching and pressures on some precise points of the body in order to improve the free energy circulation.

More considered as a relieving and well-being method than a massage, Shiatsu is a touching technique where thumbs, fingers and the palms of the hand make pressures on the body.

These pressures are performed on specific zones located along the acupuncture lines.
The Californian massage

The massagesResting and sensual, the Californian massage gives full awareness of what can be felt by. Back, belly, nape of the neck; the hands are tender and caressing in order to offer a true feeling of wellbeing.

All is about a comprehensive approach that aims to the relaxation and the awakening of a physical conscience.

This massage uses long slow and fluids movements that offer a deep physical and psychical relieving.

It starts with soft and enveloping caress, and then the massage becomes deeper to relieve the major tensions, being able to make emerging and relaxing the hidden emotions, registered in the body memory.
The Thai massage

The Thai massage offers a concentrate of vitality and relieving.

The massagesExtremely complete, the massage that comes from Thailand combines the virtues of various techniques.

By the muscles kneading, it slackens, unties the muscular tensions.

The recourse to digitopuncture by pressing precise acupuncture points helps to rebalance the IQ, the vital energy, present in us and around us.

In the Asian tradition, any disease is related to an imbalance of the IQ.

This practice also improves blood circulation.

Finally the stretching inspired of yoga, articular work and manipulation of the skeleton improve fluidity and body ease.

Like a sculptor, the masseuse kneads the flesh, goes up the meridian lines, drawing a new body geography, equipped with her own lines and her essential points.
The massage with hot stones

This traditional practice consists in heating basalt stones in a warm water bath which temperature remains constant, in The massagesorder to induce physiological effects ofrelaxation and detoxification at the time of the massage.

During the massage, some fresh stones are introduced in the middle of the hot stone sequences.

The alternation of the heat and the cold causes a pleasant surprise.

This surprising use of the heat and the cold – called thermotherapy – is a principle that is the essential component of this therapeutic method.

It consists in advisedly using hot basalts in alternation with the cold marbles.

The hot or fresh stones are posed on certain key places of the body, on chakras, or around the shoulders, on scruff… according to the needs for the person.

The back also receives cares: frictions, pressures, vibrations and other operations, while alternating the temperatures.


Massage Massage Massage Massage Shiatsu

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