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All about sleepingWhereas some persons love sleeping, for others it can be a stress source because of the insomnias.
But one thing is sure: sleeping is an important moment for the human.

It represents more or less 1/3 of this one’s life, it allows the body to recover strengths, to evacuate tensions, and to free the growth hormone that maintains muscles, bones and tissues in good state.

On its side the brain makes the sorting between the events lived during the day, by keeping some and by erasing others.

The sleep breaks up into 4 phases:

Stage 1 is the one of somnolence, the phase during which the person falls asleep gradually.

Stage 2 is the one of light sleep, during which the subject is very sensitive to the external stimuli, and that represents approximately 50% of the sleeping time.

All about sleepingStage 3 corresponds to the deep sleep, and phase 4 with the very deep sleep.
It is during this last that the growth hormone is secreted.

Then comes paradoxical sleep, short period during which are emitted the majority of the dreams, and the intermediate sleep, which precedes a new cycle or the awakening.

To feel rested at awakening, some people need 3 cycles per night, whereas others need 7 cycles.
The variations of ideal duration of sleep come from there. This one normally is established at 8 hours per night.
Some people feel well after having slept 5 hours; others feel the need to sleep 10 hours or more.

It is however important to avoid excesses: Not enough sleep or too much sleep has negative effects on the organism and the nervous system.
Besides the duration, the quality of sleeping is very important.
To avoid the bad positions and the awakening during the night in order to not disturb the harmony of the cycles is essential.



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