Tips for a flat belly

Some advices to have a nice stomach

It is no secret to anyone, even less for women, a flat stomach is very nice, difficult to achieve and even more to maintain: even in thin women can have an inflated stomach and it is one of the body parts were store fat store more easily…

But fortunately, a flat stomach is possible, if we’re able to follow some tips.

Eat: The whole grains, dried fruits and fresh vegetables, animal protein (lean meats, poultry and fish, preferably grilled or steamed, eggs), dark chocolate, water, tea and herbal infusions.

Avoid: The sauce dishes, fried foods, dairy lactose (milk, yogurt, cheese), white bread, soft drinks and juices, starchy fruits, pulses, coffee, alcohol, saturated fat, cabbage, leek, onion, beans, chewing gum, candy, cakes, pastries…

Eat properly: At regular hours, sitting, taking his time and chewing 10 to 15 times each mouthful to prepare for digestion. Drink plenty of water to allow the fibres to be well hydrated and therefore better digested.

Posture: Poor posture affects breathing and digestion, so stay right.


Flat Stomach Flat Stomach

  • Sport
  • Take regular physical activity: although it is not an intense physical activity, it is good
  • For a flat stomach, choose:
  • Water gymnastics
    Tighten your stomach several times a day, about twenty seconds, as soon as you remember !
  • Self-massage
  • At night in bed before you sleep and after showering, practice self massage. Pat your belly gently in the clockwise direction, then another.
    These massages, even light, revive peristalsis and bowel movements and are ideal for pain or digestive problems.
  • Some plants may help to have a flatter stomach:
  • For bloating: charcoal, white clay, cumin and fennel.
    For difficult digestion:artichokes, fumitory, Boldo, radish.
    For constipation: fucus, flaxseed.


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